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Industrial Materials


Back sheet for solar cell module

To contribute to the global environment friendly solar energy business, we have our own laminate / Products that realized high durability (light resistance, weather resistance, UV characteristics, high adhesive strength, etc.) using coating technology.

Solar Battery Modules

Solar Battery Modules

Back Side of Solar Modules Protective Sheets

Back Side of Solar
Modules Protective Sheets


  • Wide width laminating and coating is
  • We will correspond to various materials
    and their thickness.
  • It is possible to offer it by punched
    goods. Flexible to the desired shape
    We will correspond.

Antenna circuit for EAS/RFID tag

We are laminating aluminum foil / copper foil / various films for tag (label) material that requires security, history and logistics management of products, welcoming the advanced information society, high resistivity and high definition circuit we will realize printing.


Aluminum Foil Circuits


  • We can laminate copper foil, aluminum alloy foil and various films.
  • We have various adhesives with high adhesive strength(acid resistance/blocking resistance)
  • Acid resistance, alkali solubility, high definition printing. We have resist ink which makes it possible.
  • High dimensional accuracy by inline annealing is realized.

Aluminum foil sheet that heat transfer
or soaking for floor heating system

We supply aluminum foil heat spread sheet which corresponds to flooring heating system of all types such as hot water type, electric type, heat storage type etc.

Flooring Heating System(illustration)


  • We will correspond widely to your desired aluminum foil specifications.
  • We provide adhesive products corresponding to applications and required performance.
  • We supply various tape materials necessary for flooring heating system.

Wire Wrapping

For various wires and cable materials supporting the highly information-oriented society, unique proprietary laminating or coating technology We offer a wide range of products by making full use of it.

Wire Wrapping


  • Corresponds to various wire and cable members

- FFC (flexible flat cable) sheath material
- Identification tape raw material for microfine cable
- ALPET for electromagnetic wave shielding
- Waterproof tape raw material for high-voltage cable

Construction materials/transport equipment


Paper, film, metal foil etc.
A wide range of substrates were used
We offer products.

Other (Functional product)

materials for cutting off infrared rays.
By cutting off infrared rays, it reduces heat rise.
Heat dissipation sheet
Prevents thermal performance degradation of electronic parts.